Wag your tail – Scodinzola – Dă din coadă

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text The English translation by Michaela Jahn, Italian by me


If strangers with money can mobilize romanians to street protests more than the needs of the Romanians
If the show industry gathers even more Romanians
If people are divided in pro or cons a politician’s name
If street – smarts fills in for education, morals, faith
If to be means to have enough money to maintain the decency of a fake image of well being
If the new geographical maps mean war between brothers
If the spoken truth is ignored more than the imposed enthusiasm filled with slogans
If Romanians are deaf to the heart beat of their own kind
If the fear insinuated and induced continuously can be cured with the abundance of the precarious consumerism
If the Romanian immigrants are living the paradox of longing while avoiding their origin
If nothing remains alive in anything that’s touched…

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De Marius Crăciun Publicat în Noutati

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